Company Overview

All Holding Company was initially formed through the 2008 merger of two long-standing, family-owned protein processing companies (Alderfer and Leidy’s), both headquartered in the greater Philadelphia metro area. All Holding serves the retail, co-pack, foodservice and further processor markets in the Mid- Atlantic and Northeast regions. With a combined operating history of 213 years, Alderfer and Leidy’s products (bacon, deli hams, sausage, bologna, deli turkey and ribs, etc.) have been a staple of the breakfast and dinner table for generations.

The investment in All Holding is an extension of Renovo’s efforts to team with seasoned operators in the food manufacturing industry. Renovo, in partnership with Jim Van Stone (CEO) and other key members of the management team, purchased the shares of the prior investment group and will provide growth capital for future All Holding strategic initiatives.

Benefited by its close relationships with local family farms which supply antibiotic-free and conventional hogs, All Holding is poised to meet growing consumer demand for healthier meat products while simultaneously improving animal welfare standards thru vegetarian diet and stress-free, humane living conditions. All Holding’s adherence to the industry’s most stringent processing and safety standards continues to allow for the organic growth of both product lines and geographic markets.

Transaction Details

Date : June 2016