Bethlehem Sausage Werke

Company Overview

All Holdings, a regional specialty pork and turkey processor acquired Bethlehem Sausage Werke, a further processor of fully cooked pork and beef products.  Bethlehem, situated in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley produces Old-World style heritage Germanic cooked sausages, hams, bacons, wursts and salamis from a state-of-the-art production facility.  All Holdings produces and sells its specialty hams, bacon, deli meat and cooked and fresh sausage throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions under the nearly 100 year old brands of Leidy’s and Alderfer’s.

Leidy’s and Alderfer’s continues to increase its penetration of the better-for-you deli products markets with a growing anti-biotic free and organic proteins into the further processed product offerings. and

About Bethlehem Sausage Werke

A multigenerational family founded and operated business, growing from a single location pork store in Ridgefield, NJ to a producer of a small batch production of ethnic sausages, deli items, salamis hams and hot dogs.   Bethlehem sells through DSD, food service and direct to consumer through branded and private label relationships.

Transaction Details

Date : March 2018