Company Overview

Renovo Capital, LLC acquired the assets of Heckethorn Manufacturing Company, a division of BHM Technologies, Inc.

Located in Dyersburg, TN, Heckethorn ( is an industry leading Tier II supplier of light vehicle exhaust hangers and exhaust system hardware components, specializing in tube and solid-rod forming, cold heading, robotic, and MIG welding and progressive stamping for exhaust assemblies.

In mid-2008, Heckethorn’s parent BHM Technologies entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings as a result of the economic conditions in the OEM automotive supply industry and high leverage from a series of acquisitions. Renovo backed the existing divisional management team and acquired Heckethorn in an asset sale transaction as part of BHM’s orderly sale of its business units.

Renovo pursued various operational efficiency strategies and growth initiatives, bolstered by the add-on acquisition of Erisco in 2011.

Transaction Details

Date : October 2009

Company : Heckethorn